Euan will be delivering a Advent Quiet Day for the south Wales Ordinariate groups (9th December, Belmont Abbey). It is entitled ‘Free and immortal” – Quiet Day for Advent . We approach the Christ child and gaze upon our humanity in its power, fragility and beauty. In the beautiful rural setting of Belmont Abbey, we have time with God through our Ordinariate Quiet Day this year. Advent opens us afresh to the Holy Spirit, to the core of our vocation and our humanity.  Christ draws us to the core beauty of our humanity, so so that we may listen deeply to His Holy Spirit; we are led to a quiet place in ourselves where we may listen anew to who we are in Christ.  Advent, as with its sister season Lent, is discovery, and rediscovery in this sense.   This Quiet Day explores the theme of rediscovering the beauty of our core self, and our vocations through times of silence, through Scripture, the poetry of Thomas Traherne as set by Finzi in Dies Natalis.  Euan’s short talks are intended as the spark for our own reflections. Euan delivered a Quiet Day for St. Nicholas, Fleckney, Leicestershire in April 2016, and continues to lead others, while exploring new types of retreat (details to follow). He has led all Quiet Days at Ammerdown in the past, and has led successive Quiet Days for Cursillo groups.

30th June, Belmont Abbey:
Celebrating Mass in school: A training day for Catholic teachers.

Introduction: Enabling our students to understand and love the Mass, to make it theirs, make it authentic to them, is a crucial challenge for Catholic teachers as we seek to develop our students’ spiritual lives. Our first role is to help students understand the celebration of the Mass not as an individualistic experience but as pilgrim members of the Church receiving a source of life through the Church.
Yet, in order to do this, teachers need to enable our students to understand the Mass in a personal sense, as a repeated pilgrimage to the table where Christ breaks bread in mercy – so that we as teachers empower them to experience the Mass also as their personal pilgrimage, as a crucial part of their ongoing journey in faith as Catholic Christians.
The proposed training day is designed as a key way of learning how to open up Catholic teaching on “Communion with the Lord,” “the Real Presence” and “Word Made Flesh” to our students here in our Diocese, and picks up on themes developed with REC/HRE/Chaplains in recent INSET days. It is designed to illustrate to teachers a possible method of helping our students to learn and pray about the key “narrative” of the Mass through 4 elements:
1. Short scripture readings, relevant to each section of the Mass (Kyrie, Gloria etc). 5 mins
2. A short reflection on the meaning of each section and on the piece of music about to be played. 15 mins
3. A playing of the musical setting of the relevant section of the Mass. 15 mins
4. Questions/discussions using key questions. 10 mins.
Teachers will then adapt the above for formation sessions with students. For example, talks could be prepared by students on such themes as “What does the Kyrie mean to me? What music represents the Gloria – and why?” The aim is to give teachers a set of tools to enable students to develop their understanding and ownership of the meaning of the Mass.

Participants said: “Lots of lovely practical ideas for working with children….I found the day extremely beneficial to me personally. Euan has a beautiful and profound sense of the Eucharist and his love of God and of the liturgy oozes out of him; very infectious. He has focussed on a needful area, viz. helping all of us to internalise the ancient liturgy and so become actively engaged, heart and mind. He gave excellent suggestions on how to introduce and ‘scaffold’ these ideas with the children and the musical selections were great. I think his pupils are very blessed and I would like to see him take a lesson…I found the concept relevant to further attract the children in developing thee processes for themselves, especially in planning Mass. Very relaxing atmosphere. Thanks….Euan presented confidently, with great passion…make an interesting INSET for staff…Thank you for a great experience…fabulous course…a very inspirational day…giving lots of ideas and thoughts…”

TALKS: Making the Mass Mine – Download Document: Click here

9.30am Arrival, registration, teas and coffees
10am Welcome, Introduction to the day and Opening Prayers
10.10am Experiencing the KYRIE, followed by short break
11am Experiencing the GLORIA, followed by short break
12pm-12.40 Experiencing the CREDO
12.45 Midday Prayer, Abbey church
1pm Lunch break
2.00 pm Experiencing the SANCTUS and BENEDICTUS, followed by short break
2.50pm Understanding the AGNUS DEI.
3.40pm Mass (Abbey church or Oratory)
4pm Closing Prayer and depart

Venue: Room (tbc), Belmont Abbey, 30th June 2017.

Summary: The day for teachers allows professionals to experience and evaluate the suggested method for this complementary approach to ‘Teaching the Mass’ for themselves.
Given that, as a teacher himself, our training leader recognises the pressures of the timetable and the reality of our teaching experience, this approach could also be delivered to students as a series of short lunchtime/after school events, or as a day after exams.
Above all, it enables us, as teachers, to develop a method of enabling our students to learn about the inner meaning of the Mass, experience in a positive way Church’s teachings about the Mass, thus delivering essential formative input.

Writing to God: creating our own prayers, psalms, journals and poems

(Douai Abbey, 26th – 28th October 2018)
The beauty of relating to God is that we are called to speak freely and with utter honesty to Jesus, to open our hearts fully without fear. Our creative written responses help open us up to this life-giving relationship, and during this weekend we will be exploring how to write prayers, our own versions of psalms, short poems and journal entries: an exciting creative journey that aims to greatly enrich our own work. It is recommended you bring your own writing materials – laptops or notebooks as you prefer.