300 Choir Directors: Zoom 1:1 Meetings have begun!
Schedule your 15 mt. Zoom meeting to learn more about
1) “Where We Find Ourselves” Choral Commissioning Project for Choirs of All Voicings [Bringing Us Closer Together By Looking Deeper] (lyrics, Shantel Sellers)

2) “The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez: A Border Story” (lyrics, Shantel Sellers) for SSAA Choirs [A Dreamer with a Voice and a Story. A Book Club and a Choral Commission]

3) “Peacebomb” (lyricist, Tony Silvestri) State Premiere Choral Commissioning Consortium for Medium Advanced Choral Ensembles (One Choir Per State or multiple choirs combine funds for remaining states) ** STATES JOINED: CT, GA, KS, MO, OR, PA, IN, MI, SC (choirs from these states are no longer available) ***

4) “Buufis” (lyrics, Euan Tait) Commission – unaccompanied, medium advanced choir(s) – to be added to upcoming Refugee Mass

5) “The Unarmed Child” (2019) (Sellers/Dunn/Bussewitz-Quarm) – a song cycle for medium-advanced SATB choirs in honor of the victims of gun violence