Explorations of great music by a well know choral poet (librettist), whose work is commissioned and performed internationally. 

All music retreats designed to enable participants, performer and listener alike, to explore the spiritual and emotional hearts of great choral works.

They are not singing or performing weekends – rather, they involve a series of talks on the works, as well as listening to the individual movements in order, and time of space for reflection on each talk – they are essentially prayer pilgrimages involving great music. 

The aim is joy, relaxation, and learning.  For recent participant comments – see Feedback tab.

  • Music you love, music to discover.
  • Joy, pleasure, new listening.
  • Discovery, familiar yet new, new directions.
  • Messages of hope and mercy in music.
  • Going to the creative heart of you.
  • Going deeper into music – what does it mean for me?
  • Coming home to your gifts.

These retreats are explorations of the inner life of music, its spiritual and emotional forces, by a praying poet. While they are neither singing weekends nor do they involve in depth technical analysis, they welcome performers and non-performers alike into an experience of the works that aims to greatly enrich their imaginative response to the music and words – music as a constantly unfolding creative gift in each life.