Our hearts need nurture, emotional space to heal and grow, help with our life’s journey so that we can open up new doors, new pathways, new landscapes of hope and meaning as we go through life.

We need and love the Crucified One, want to have help with our Christian lives – but in reality, where do we go?

Going on courses or retreats can be impossible for so many people can be impossible on time and cost grounds, so we need a place of our own, in a format that we can access easily and watch when we want, where we want. We need experienced retreat leaders who’ve given successful retreats across the country; we need words that help capture of spiritual feelings and that give joy, hope and have a vision of “living abundantly.”

That’s the purpose of these meditation videos – to make space for you to consider your struggles and have help in your growth. Good retreats are like good friends – they’re there when you need them, where you need them! It’s hoped that you will really enjoy this content.

Renewal Eastertide 2024
Renewal Eastertide 2024
Euan’s Lent online retreat 2021: intro 1
Euan’s 2021 Lent course: intro 2
Approaching Lent 3: the outcast Jesus (Lev13:1-2;44-46 and Mark 1:40-45)
Euan’s Lent course 2021 (Intro 3)
As We Are Changed reflection